Couples Counselling

Heterosexual or same sex

Married, cohabiting or dating

Regardless, all relationships from time to time experience ups and downs

Often the individuals in the relationship are able to

resolve the differences by themselves to continue living fulfilling lives together

At times however, the differences are seemingly irreconcilable

The relationship feels complicated and perhaps the arrival of children to the family unit may contribute further to the difficulties

Couples counselling may provide a non judgemental, environment to explore how each partner may learn to

  • communicate differently and effectively
  • understand and explore the relational dynamics
  • become more authentic in expressing their respective needs
  • learn helpful ways to better manage the relationship

More specifically, couples counselling, may help with one or more of issues such as:

Communication: Feeling unheard, misunderstood or unimportant

Conflicts: Emotionally charged disagreements

Trust: Betrayal, infidelity, or broken promises can erode trust, causing relational strain

Intimacy: Becoming less frequent, and emotional connection not so meaningful

Financial Difficulties: Insufficient income, poor spending habits, unclear priorities

Sexual connection: Sexual preferences, mismatched boundaries, unmet needs

Parenting: Mismatched parenting styles, unhelpful familial alliances

Pre-existing experiences: Past traumas, unresolved issues, past relationships

Quality Time: Rediscovering the time once enjoyed together

Mismatched expectations: Reconciling expectations, roles, commitment, future plans

I offer an initial phone consultation to discuss your needs, how we may work together, to describe my work in supporting you as a couple and to answer any questions or concerns you may have

In this way, we may collectively make an informed choice in your needs for the therapeutic support

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